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Urban BBQ 2015 

The Cancer Research Society invites you to its 2nd annual Urban BBQ, on Wednesday May 27 at Windsor Station, from 12 - 2 p.m.

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Enfants Jeux Saint Lambert

14th Edition of Saint-Lambert Games

Register your child or your children to the Saint-Lambert Games on June 7, or become an ambassador!

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   Gorge Aradena CRS Challenge - Trek in the White Mountains of Crete

Our 15 participants arrived at Heraklion last thursday. They have raised $172,470 for the research. 

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   MasterCard BMO Air Miles BMO 

You can get the BMO® Cancer Research Society AIR MILES®ϯ MasterCard® credit card. Every time this card is used, BMO makes a direct contribution to the Society. You will retain advantages similar to those of your current card, earn AIR MILES reward miles, and you won’t even have to change your spending habits!

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   Mamogram Discovery on breast cancer

A team of Canadian and Polish researchers, including Dr. William D. Foulkes and Dr. Patricia N. Tonin (both supported by the Cancer Research Society), has discovered that mutations of the gene RECQL can cause breast cancer in some women. Even though mutations of this gene are fairly rare, a high percentage of women carrying the gene develop the disease.

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