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22nd  Annual Golf Classic

The 22nd edition of the Annual Cancer Research Society Golf Classic will take place on August 20th at the Elm Ridge Country Club.

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  Jean Doré  Jean Doré Fund

A great man left us Monday, June 15. Jean Doré, former mayor of Montreal, passed away surrounded by his loved ones, after battling pancreatic cancer. Our condolences go to the family and friends of Mr. Doré.
If you wish to honour his memory, you can contribute to the Jean Doré Fund to help researchers find a cure for this deadly disease.
  Michel Tremblay  Knight of the Ordre National du Québec

Congratulations to Michel L. Tremblay, researcher and professor at the department of Biochemistry at McGill University, who has been named a Knight (Chevalier) of the Ordre National du Québec. M. Tremblay had received the Lutterman / Cancer Research Society grant for his work on pancreatic cancer.

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  Jack Siemiatycki  Class-action Lawsuit Against Tobacco Companies

The Cancer Research Society welcomes the historic ruling by the Quebec Superior Court ordering three major tobacco companies to pay over $15 billion in punitive damages to more than 100,000 Quebecers, a first in Canada for such a class-action lawsuit.

Jack Siemiatycki, an expert witness in the case, played a key role in this ruling....

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   Mamogram Discovery on breast cancer

A team of Canadian and Polish researchers, including Dr. William D. Foulkes and Dr. Patricia N. Tonin (both supported by the Cancer Research Society), has discovered that mutations of the gene RECQL can cause breast cancer in some women. Even though mutations of this gene are fairly rare, a high percentage of women carrying the gene develop the disease.

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