We Need You!


On World Health Day, on April 7th, the Cancer Research Society will launch a digital fundraising campaign entitled “We Need You!” in an effort to generate awareness among Canadians about the importance of supporting cancer research and raising funds to support some of the most promising research projects throughout the country.     

Researchers are in need of funding now more than ever because cancer is still the leading cause of mortality in Canada. In the current context where we are still feeling the effects of COVID-19, the pandemic’s repercussions on cancer prevention, detection and treatment are significant and can be expected to last for years to come. 

Several ambassadors will be showcased during this campaign, affirming that research really is the key to outsmarting cancer. Franco Vizeacoumar, a researcher from the University of Saskatchewan, Laura Trinkle-Mulcahy, a researcher from Ottawa University, B.V. Garabedian, a cancer survivor and Ami McKay, author, playwright, journalist and host of Read for the Cure events, will be among those sharing testimonials. 

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“Through the ‘We Need You!’ campaign, we are sending out a cry for help so that we can fund a greater number of cancer research projects. It is crucial to invest in a solid research and innovation ecosystem so that decisive breakthroughs to outsmart cancer can be made.” 
Manon Pepin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cancer Research Society

 “Scientific activities and research are precious. The Cancer Research Society’s research programs are without a doubt the driving force behind the breakthroughs and discoveries that will improve quality of life and extend survival for those diagnosed with cancer. That is why we need each and every donation.” 
Marc Gauthier, Director of Communications and Marketing, Cancer Research Society

The digital campaign will be rolled out via email as well as through the Society’s social media, namely Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

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