Over 300 Grant Applications Evaluated

This May, 6 evaluation committees met virtually to assess all of the grant applications received by the Cancer Research Society. The committees are composed of over 85 researchers and clinicians who offer their time to select some of the most promising research projects in Canada.

Recall that the Society receives hundreds of applications each year from researchers all around the country seeking a two-year grant worth up to $120,000. The Society also awards grants for future scientists each year as part of their objective to support the next generation of up-and-coming Canadian researchers.

The Cancer Research Society has established a rigorous selection process that is carried out by our expert committee so that our grants are awarded to the most promising researchers and projects in the country. We depend on peer evaluation, a tried-and-true method to ensure quality and excellence in scientific research.

This assessment process aims to help us respect our commitment to our donors and partners; that each donation serves to fund all types of cancer research in order to prevent, detect and treat the disease.

Know that we do our best to keep activity costs low while maximizing returns, once again in an effort to honour your donations.

Grant recipients will be announced in the fall of 2021, stay tuned!