Nearly $19,000 raised


The Cancer Research Society launched an initiative on March 8, 2022, on International Women's Day, to highlight the significant contributions to cancer research made by women and celebrate their achievements. This campaign raised nearly $19,000!

Concretely, all donations raised will be used to offer a female undergraduate student a training internship with the top-ranked female researcher in the Cancer Research Society 2022 operating grant competition. 

Due to the great success of our campaign, two students will be offered a training internship!

This initiative will help support two students to initiate them to the field of research, as well as the researchers who will benefit from the assistance. 

Recall that the field of cancer research is still predominantly represented by men. Women, who are becoming increasingly present, still face a number of challenges. Whether due to stereotypes or other social and economic factors including pertaining to inequalities, women continue to be more hesitant and face obstacles undertaking a career in the field of science and research. 

Several women have left their mark on research history and will continue to do so. That is why it is essential to support their work. Recall that our organization, the Cancer Research Society, was founded by Betty Caplan and her friends Hattie Rolbin, Mildred Singer and Etta Kastne, over 75 years ago. Today, over $340 million has been awarded by the Cancer Research Society thanks to the initiative led by those four women.  


We would especially like to salute all the women who submit research projects as part of our annual competitions, as well as all those who have received a grant or scholarship. We are proud to offer them financial support for their projects, they are among the most promising submitted from across the country.  

We thank all the donors who contributed to this campaign.