Diet plays a major role in the formation of cancer


Research field
All, including breast and colon

Jose Teodoro is an Associate Professor at the Goodman Cancer Research Centre at McGill University. The focus of his lab is to understand how cancer cells alter the microenvironment around the tumour.

"Diet is well known to play a major role in the formation of cancer. In particular, high fat diets are known to accelerate the growth of several cancer types including breast and colon. Our lab aims to study the links between fat metabolism and the progression of cancer.

The exciting finding thus far is that the function of a gene called G0S2 likely will bridge our knowledge of how fat metabolism and diet may affect the outcome of cancer. The research supported by our CRS grant can open new avenues to test novel anti-cancer drugs that have never been previously considered.

The CRS is a highly unique funding agency that sets a strong priority in funding cancer research. Cancer will only be beaten by pushing our understanding forward at all times and research is essential in this endeavor."

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