What is the CRS ChallengeTM?


It's a series of expeditions and fundraising campaigns to support cancer research. 

These expeditions are a way to push your boundaries and to:

  • achieve a physical exploit that require courage, stamina and dedication;
  • honour your cancer hero;
  • participate in a complete physical training;
  • receive expert advice from a trainer, a nutritionist, an expedition expert, a travel advisor, and a fundraising coordinator. 


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Crossing of the Saharan Desert
  Adventure in Vietnam

  Acotango Volcano Climb
Traversée du Sahara   Aventure au Vietnam   Ascension du volcon Acotango
March 14-25, 2016   April 16-26, 2016   April 19-28, 2016
Laugavegur "Reykjavik" Trek (Iceland)   Kilimanjaro Climb
  Machu Picchu Trek
Trek du Laugavegur   Ascension du Kilimandjaro   Trekking au Machu Picchu
June 20-30, 2016   October 9-21, 2016   November 12-21, 2016
New York City Marathon
Marathon de New York
November 4-7, 2016



Canary Islands Mountain Trek (Spain)
  Adventure in the Costa Rican Jungle
(Costa Rica)
  Adventure in the tormented peaks of Madeira
Trekking de la St-Valentin dans les massifs des Iles Canaries   Aventure dans la jungle du Costa Rica   Aventure dans les pics tourmentés du Madère
February 11-20, 2017   March 3-10, 2017   May 5-13, 2017
Hiking in the Grand
Canyon Region 
  Trekking amongst volcanos 
  Cycling Expedition in Rajasthan
Randonnée dans la région du Grand Canyon   Aventure sicilienne parmi les volcans   Expédition à vélo au Rajasthan
May 14-21, 2017   June 16-25, 2017   October 12-20, 2017
Kilimanjaro Climb
Ascension du Kilimandjaro
September 24 to
October 6, 2017

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