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The Cancer Research Society congratulates Dr. Dominique Trudel for winning the 2014 first prize for junior scientists of the Canadian Association of Pathologists. Dr. Trudel won for the editing of an article related to Dr. Bernard Têtu's research project entitled: "Green tea intake for the maintenance of complete remission in women with advanced ovarian cancer". We are pleased to announce that this project was co-funded by the Cancer Research Society and the Read for the Cure Foundation.

NOTICE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the announcement date of the results for the 2014 Operating Grants competition has been delayed to August 11, 2014. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of the outcome of your  application. Following this e-mail you will receive, by regular mail or courrier, an official letter which will include your overall score and the evaluation report of your project conducted by our expert panel members.

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