Operating Grant


This program allows us to offer seed money to the most promising Canadian researchers who submitted projects containing original ideas that relate to various aspects of cancer.

Operating grants are very important to the Canadian scientific community since they allow researchers to carry out research projects on all aspects and for all different types of cancer in order to:

  • Identify the causes of cancer

  • Understand the development of cancer

  • Stop the progression of cancer

  • Improve treatments, and as a result the quality of life of cancer patients

  • Prevent cancer







Over the past few years, the CRS is proud to have established a number of crucial partnerships, which have led to an increase in the number of grants awarded as part of the regular competition for operating grants. These additional grants support basic research for specific types of cancer. To find out more about these partnerships and the projects they have allowed us to support, please click on the following links:


Partner Research Focus
Alberta Innovates Health Solutions Various Cancers
Bergeron-Jetté Foundation Indolent Non-Hodgkin’s  Lymphoma  
CancerCare Manitoba Various Cancers
CNETS Neuroendocrine tumours
Charlotte Légaré Memorial Fund Pancreatic Cancer
CURE Foundation Breast Cancer
Ganotec/Mars-André Pigeon Research Fund Pancreatic Cancer
Marjolaine-Bazinet Fund Lung Cancer
Myeloma Canada Multiple Myeloma
Ovarian Cancer Canada Ovarian cancer
Pancreatic Cancer Canada Pancreatic Cancer
Procure Prostate cancer
Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation - QBCF Breast Cancer
Read for the Cure  Environment-cancer 
Rob Lutterman Fund Pancreatic Cancer
S.Cohen  Various Cancers
Steven E. Drabin Research Fund Neuroendocrine tumours
The C17 Council Childhood Cancer
University of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Various Cancers 




The operating grant is the primary means by which the Cancer Research Society supports the research activities of a researcher or a team of researchers.


Duration :

2 years

Amount :   

$60,000 per year


*The duration and amount of the operating grants were set by the Cancer Research Society's Scientific Advisory Committee in order to support the greatest number of applications each year, while offering researchers the funds needed to start new projects.