Audit Committee

The Audit Committee's role is to review the Society's annual financial statements and report to the Board of Directors for approval.  The Committee recommends external auditors to the Board in order to prepare and issue the annual auditor's report andsupervise their mandate.  

The Audit Committee consists of a minimum of three directors with strong financial competencies. 

President of the Audit Committee
Katia Marquier Martin Thibodeau Mike Bouchard
Katia Marquier, CPA, CA
Finance and Administration
Oceanpath Inc.
Martin Thibodeau
Chairman of the Board
President, Quebec Headquarters
Royal Bank of Canada
Mike G. Bouchard, LL.B., MBA
Senior Partner
Cheverny Capital Inc.
Paul Gauthier, CPA, CA Max Fehlmann
Paul Gauthier, CPA, CA *
Administration and Finance
Cancer Research Society
Max Fehlmann *
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Cancer Research Society


* non-member of the Board of Directors