Scientific Advisory Committee

The Scientific Advisory Committee is composed of experts in oncology or research in the field of cancer. It advises the Society on its scientific, including its mission, its research programs, its partnerships, and all the resulting benefits. 

The Scientific Advisory Committee consists of 8 experts, including the Society's President and Chief Executive Officer.  

Dwayne-Barber Marc Basik Eduardo-Franco Doug-Gray
Dwayne L. Barber, PhD  Mark Basik, MD, PhD Eduardo Franco, PhD Douglas Gray, PhD 
Professor and Vice Chair
Department of Medical Biophysics
University of Toronto
Assistant Professor,
Departments of Surgery and Oncology, 
McGill University
Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research 
James McGill Professor, Departments of Oncology and Epidemiology; Director, Division of Cancer Epidemiology; Interim Chair Department of Oncology
McGill University
Senior Scientist
Cancer Therapeutics Ottawa Hospital 
Research Institute
Donna-Senger Lynne-Marie Postovit Lucille Beaudet Max Fehlmann
Donna Senger, PhD Lynne-Marie Postovit, PhD Lucille Beaudet, PhD, MBA Max Fehlmann
Research Associate Professor
Department of Oncology Faculty of Medecine University of Calgary Staff Scientist
Tom Baker Cancer Center
Co-director, Basic Research, Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta, Alberta Innovates Translational Health Chair in Cancer, Sawin-Baldwin Chair in Ovarian Cancer & Dr. Anthony Noujaim Legacy Oncology Chair, Associate Professor, Department of Oncology and Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Scientific Advisor,
Cancer Research Society
President and 
Chief Executive Officer,
Cancer Research Society

* Board member of the Cancer Research Society