The Cancer Research Society (the Society) is committed to providing its donors, clients, researchers, corporate partners, participants, employees, volunteers, and the general public with a high level of service in the act of carrying out its mission.

This policy aims at ensuring that complaints raised by any of its stakeholders are dealt with promptly, transparently, and fairly in accordance with the Society’s high standards.


Guiding Principles

  • It is in the interest of all parties that complaints be dealt with promptly and resolved as quickly as possible;
  • Complaints are reviewed fairly, impartially, and in a manner respectful of all parties;
  • Complainants are informed of their options to escalate their complaint to a more senior staff person if they are dissatisfied with the treatment or outcome;
  • Complainants are provided clear and understandable reasons for decisions relating to complaints; Updates are provided to complainants during review processes;
  • Complaints are used to assist in improving services, policies, and procedures.


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction towards the Society about its service, actions, or lack of action as an organization, or by an employee or volunteer acting on behalf of the Society.

Complaints may come from donors, researchers, partners, volunteers, members of the community, or participants in any event organized by the Society.


If you wish to share a problem or to submit a formal complaint to the Society, you may call us at the toll-free number 1-888-766-2262.

If a problem cannot be resolved in this way or if a member of the public wishes to make a formal complaint, that person may do so in writing to the Donor Relations Coordinator by e-mail at or by mail to:

Cancer Research Society
Attention: Donor Relations Coordinator
625, President-Kennedy Avenue, Suite 402
Montreal (Quebec) H3A 3S5

To ensure adequate handling of your complaint, please complete the proper form. Kindly note that if you make your complaint by phone, the same information will be required by our customer agent.

All reasonable precautions will be taken to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided. Precautions used will not be less stringent than those used to protect the Society’s own confidential information. Except as required by law, the confidential information you provided will not be disclosed to third parties. Disclosure will be restricted to the employees or consultants with a need to know such information to process your complaint.

Time Frame for Treatment of the Complaint

  • The complainant will receive a confirmation of receipt of the complaint by the Society within five business days after the date of receipt of the complaint.
  • The Donor Relations Coordinator or another representative of the Society will contact the complainant within 10 business days from the day the complaint is filed;
  • The complainant will be informed should the complaint require a delay of more than 10 business days to be dealt with.