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Cancer research breakthroughs,
Thanks to YOU!

Dr. Rebecca Auer is investigating how two common drugs can be used in an uncommon way to provide innovative cancer care.

You make cancer research breakthroughs like this happen with your unwavering support.

Although surgery is a very effective means of removing solid tumours in cancer patients, it also suppresses the immune system. This means remaining cancer cells are sometimes able to metastasize and spread to surrounding organs following surgery.

Dr. Auer’s cancer research study treated mouse models with a combination of a common erectile dysfunction drug (Viagra) and inactivated influenza vaccine (Agriflu) in conjunction with surgery. Just 11 metastases occurred in mice who underwent both surgery and combination flu vaccine/erectile dysfunction drug therapy, compared to 129 metastases allowing cancer to spread in those treated only through surgery.

This marked improvement has significant implications for cancer research and cancer care.

Dr. Auer’s initial study was supported by operating grants from the Cancer Research Society between 2013 and 2017. Today, she is leading the first clinical trial examining the use of erectile dysfunction drugs and the flu vaccine in cancer care.

Dr. Auer’s progress could not have happened without donors like you placing your trust in the Cancer Research Society.

This discovery holds significant potential for the growing field of immunotherapy in cancer research – and it’s thanks in large part to supporters like you.