What we are working on has never been done before


What we are working on has never been done before
Ovarian cancer

In 2018, Jim Petrik’s team published a study showing a winning therapy combination for a cancer known to be difficult to treat: ovarian cancer. After they optimized access to the tumour site by improving its vascular system, the team applied an oncolytic virus, which simultaneously attacks malignant cells and strengthens the immune system. Combined with traditional chemotherapy, this therapy showed spectacular results, reducing advanced tumour progression and stopping metastasis toward other organs.

The excellence of our

The Cancer Research Society funds highly promising research projects undertaken by Canada’s best scientists. Following a rigorous peer review selection process, about 150 researchers are thus able to advance scientific knowledge to improve cancer prevention, detection and treatments, through various funding programs. These programs are based on scientific excellence, support to new generations of scientists, support to promising underfunded research avenues and partnerships with great impact potential. Since its inception, the Cancer Research Society has thus contributed to major advances in oncology, helping position Canada at the forefront of cancer research in the world.

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