The first grant I received came from the Cancer Research Society.



Xiaoyan Jiang is a Professor in the department of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia. Through her research, she aims to identify molecules and pathways that will lead to new, more effective, and less toxic, personalized targeted therapies.

"The first grant I received came from the Cancer Research Society. Since 2003, the Society awarded me five operating grants. It is evident that this support has been a great help. It is because of the Society’s donors that I was able to build my team of researchers. Our research on chronic myelogenous leukemia has produced results.

We can now identify more quickly whether a patient will respond favourably to conventional treatment or if, for example, we must immediately proceed to a stem cell transplant. Also, our research can improve the treatments that only destroy cancer cells and not healthy cells. Survival rates for chronic myelogenous leukemia have increased from 50% to over 90% within a few years, thanks to new treatments and research. Continuing our research will save more lives."

The excellence of our

The Cancer Research Society funds highly promising research projects undertaken by Canada’s best scientists. Following a rigorous peer review selection process, about 150 researchers are thus able to advance scientific knowledge to improve cancer prevention, detection and treatments, through various funding programs. These programs are based on scientific excellence, support to new generations of scientists, support to promising underfunded research avenues and partnerships with great impact potential. Since its inception, the Cancer Research Society has thus contributed to major advances in oncology, helping position Canada at the forefront of cancer research in the world.

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