The CRS Challenge

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Explore the world, push your limits and support cancer research

The CRS Challenge is a unique program that offers our participants the chance to show their support for cancer research while discovering the world and surpassing themselves through various sporting activities. This unique adventure has a special and specific goal: to motivate our participants to raise funds for the advancement of cancer research.


A larger-than-life experience awaits

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Lofoten islands? Of reaching the Mont-Blanc? Of touching the roof of the world? If so, you most definitely have the soul of a thrill-seeker and the CRS Challenge is for you. Each of our challenges offers you sporting activities adapted to the mythical destinations in which they take place. Get ready for a worry-free experience, thanks to our professional assistance from the moment you start prepping to the moment you return. Our program will allow you to safely discover timeless landscapes where wonder and unexpected challenges will drive you to surpass yourself at every turn. Quench your thirst for discovery, push your personal limits and make this adventure a milestone in the lives of thousands of people living with cancer, as well as your own.


Reach out to your network for the cause

As a CRS Challenge participant, you'll be responsible for collecting funds that will benefit cancer research. In order to achieve this, you’ll have to reach out to your network to get them involved in this great adventure you are taking on! Rest assured, you'll be guided every step of the way by the Cancer Research Society team. We help all our participants to reach their fundraising goals every year. We know fundraising inside out, so we will give you tips on how to mobilize your network and will provide you with the tools you need to make you more effective in this process. The positive response from our participants' networks is always surprising, and people often eagerly offer support in this amazing adventure that ultimately benefits us all.

Choose a challenge that reflects who you are

The trail of the Gold Rush Brazil
12 June - 22 June 2020

Not far from Rio de Janeiro lies the mythical region of Costa Verde, a sanctuary of stunning panoramas filled with nearly untouched wilderness. Your journey through this region, known for its coves and waterfalls, will take you along a route once used by 18th century gold prospectors. Your efforts will be rewarded with a visit to Rio, where you will admire Corcovado's grandeur and its unobstructed view on the city that is home to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Christ the Redeemer.

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