Governance Committee

The Governance Committee ensures that the Society maintains the best practices in governance and ethics. It assists the Society in demonstrating a level of transparency that is above reproach. 

The Governance Committee is composed of a minimum of three directors. 

President of the Governance
Benoit Durocher Monique Mercier  
Benoît Durocher 
Executive Vice-President and Chief Economic Strategist
Addenda Capital Inc.
Monique Mercier 
Executive Vice-President Corporate Affairs
Chief Legal Officer and
Corporate Secretary
TELUS Corporation
Paul Gauthier, CPA, CA Hélène Boucher Max Fehlmann
Paul Gauthier, CPA, CA *
Administration and Finance 
Cancer Research Society
Hélène Boucher *
Administrative Assistante
HR and Administration
Cancer Research Society
Max Fehlmann *
President and
Chief Executive Officer
Cancer Research Society

* non-membre du Conseil