Policy regarding donors and the promotion of the Cancer Research Society to the public

  • The Cancer Research Society (the Society) issues official receipts in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and shall acknowledge in writing contributions not entitled to be officially receipted.
  • All solicitations for donations (printed and online) specify the name of the organization and the objective of the fundraising.
  • Upon demand, the Society provides:
    • its annual report and financial statements
    • its registration number with CRA
    • all the information in the public part of the T3010A CRA form sent to CRA
    • a copy of its investment policy
    • a list of the members of the Board of Directors
  • The Society or its fundraisers shall disclose, upon request, whether the person or entity performing the fundraising is a volunteer, an employee, or a third party under contract.
  • The Society shall advise donors to seek independent advice, if the donation is a planned one or if the charity believes that the proposed donation will jeopardize the donor’s financial situation, taxable income, or relations with his family.
  • The Society respects the anonymity of the donors who ask for it.
  • The privacy and confidentiality of donors shall be respected in all cases. The donors have the right to consult their own donor files.
  • The request of a donor to remove his name from the mailing list shall be respected.
  • The Society treats its donors with respect. The request of a donor to limit the frequency of solicitation or to stop all solicitations shall be respected.
  • The recognition programs developed for a donation will not be arbitrarily modified or cancelled.
  • The Society will promptly respond in writing to complaints made by donors or potential donors on all points regarding fundraising and financial responsibility contained in this Code of Ethics for Fundraising and Financial Responsibility.

Fundraising practices

  • The Society’s solicitations will be truthful and will accurately describe the planned allocations of the donations.
  • The Society shall not make promises it cannot uphold, shall not create misleading impressions, shall not exploit its beneficiaries, and shall not be insensitive towards them.
  • When the Society conducts online solicitations, it shall respect the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.
  • When the Society makes solicitations in person, it shall establish measures allowing for the verification of the affiliation of the person representing the charity, and shall secure and protect the communication of confidential information.
  • Volunteers, employees, third parties, advisors, or solicitors who reach out to donors or who receive donations on behalf of the Society must:
    • respect the provisions of this Code
    • act with fairness and integrity
    • cease solicitation at the request of a donor
    • immediately declare to the Society any conflict of interest or of loyalty
    • refuse to accept donations that are made with intentions contrary to the Society’s mission
  • The Society shall provide, upon request, the best information at its disposal regarding the net income, net revenue, and cost of all its fundraising activities.
  • The compensation of employees or volunteers shall not be in the form of commissions on funds collected.
  • Should the Society participate in materially significant marketing activities for the cause, it will disclose the income associated with sales of products or services.
  • The Society will not sell its lists of donors. If the lists are exchanged, rented, or shared, they must exclude the names of donors who have made this request.
  • The Society’s Board of Directors shall be informed at least once a year of the essential information regarding complaints filed under the present Code.

Financial practices and transparency

  • Financial management of the Society will be carried out responsibly.
  • All donations will be used to benefit the Society’s mission, as defined under its CRA registration.
  • All directed donations will be used for the purpose for which they were given.
  • The Society shall prepare accurate and factual annual financial reports, and disclose information that may prove useful to the donors.
  • The profitability of the Society’s fundraising programs will frequently be examined and the amount allocated for administrative expenses (the actual cost of operations of the organisation) and fundraising (expenses incurred directly or indirectly in the fundraising activities) will be maintained at levels comparable to those of other similar non-profit organizations.
  • An independent accountant will audit the financial statements.

The Cancer Research Society is a national not-for-profit organization under the Canada Corporations Act. Its registration number is 11915 3229 RR0001.