Investment Committee

The Investment Committee establishes objectives and oversees the investment of the Society's funds, while ensuring that the investment policy is consistent with market standards.

The Investment Committee is composed of a minimum of three directors with appropriate financial competencies, who have no direct or indirect interest in a contract or arrangement that could be perceived as a conflict of interest. 

President of the Investment Committee
Benoit Durocher Mike Bouchard Katia Marquier
Benoît Durocher 
Executive Vice-President and Chief Economic Strategist 
Addenda Capital Inc.
Mike G. Bouchard, LL.B., MBA
Cheverny Capital Inc.
Katia Marquier, CPA, CA
Finance and Administration
Oceanpath Inc.
Paul Gauthier, CPA, CA Andy Chabot
Paul Gauthier, CPA, CA *
Administration and Finance 
Cancer Research Society 
Max Fehlmann *
President and
Chief Executive Director
Cancer Research Society

* non-membre du Conseil