Cancer survival rates

The survival rate has increased for the majority of cancer types for women and men.

Comparison of the relative survival rates for some types of cancer in 1975 and 30 years later, in 2005.


Important facts

Thanks to research, a better understanding of cancer has allowed to increase the survival rate to a cancer diagnosis that was 40% in 1975 to more than 60%, 30 years later, in 2005.     

What affects the rate of cancer survival?

Several factor scan have an influence on the prognostic for cancer patient:

  • The patient : age, sex, co-morbid conditions, socio-economic status and lifestyle factors
  • The tumour : stage of the tumour at diagnostic, histological type of the tumour
  • Medical care : availability and quality of early detection, diagnosis and treatment services

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30 years of progress, thanks to research!