Media Centre

The objective of the Cancer Research Society’s (CRS) Communications and Marketing Department is to promote the importance of cancer research development among a variety of groups while communicating clear and valid scientific information.

We are doing our utmost to help all media get relevant information on the Cancer Research Society research projects and funded researchers. We are available to answer your specific needs regarding interviews, news reports or documentaries.

For an interview with an expert, a researcher, a scientist related to one of our grant programs or any other person from the Society, please contact the Communications and Marketing Department. It is mandatory that a communications representative be present at media activities to accompany journalist, photographer and media personnel.

For any requests, please contact:

514 861‑9227 or toll‑free at 1 888 766-2262


Here is a list of videos on the Cancer Research Society. To watch all our videos, visit our YouTube page:

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