Sylvie's Story

Sylvie, 58 years old, has crossed paths with cancer several times in recent years when multiple family members were diagnosed with the disease. Her grandfather, two of her uncles, a cousin, an aunt and a niece have all succumbed to it.

Sylvie joined our team in 2010 in the role of Co-ordinator, Administration and Finance hoping that, in her own way, she could support cancer research.

Sylvie Dicaire

" You MUST believe in research…"

" When the doctor says « cancer », regardless of what follows, you hear none of it. That word is the only one that you remember. Even though the survival rates are increasing and the rapid progress of research is promising, we always associate cancer with death. But, we must have faith. I hope that one day, we will beat the disease. Perhaps we will not cure it completely, but will at least find medications that significantly prolong the quality and expectancy of life for cancer patients. Yes, maybe this is a more realistic hope for right now."

Why must we help?

" The littlest donation could make the difference…"

" We must all be aware that even the littlest donation could make the difference. This is my message. It’s like they say, “it all adds up”. The more donations received, the more researchers we can fund."

Living with the disease

" Cherish loved-ones…"

" How you can help Cancer changes everything in the blink of an eye. This is why we must cherish our loved-ones. It is of utmost importance. What can you do to help them? It is so frustrating, but all we can do is offer endless support and encouragement."

Do more via the CRS Challenge…

"When I started here, back in April 2010, my daughter had just had her thyroid tested for cancer(luckily it was negative). I’ve always given to charity and soon I will celebrate my 5-year anniversary working for the Cancer Research Society. But, since last year, I’ve been feeling compelled to do more than just donate. Giving my money just doesn’t feel like enough. Working for the cause doesn’t cut it anymore either. That’s why I decided to register for the CRS Challenge – a program that offers an opportunity to realize a physical challenge in honour of a cancer hero, while raising funds and awareness. Because of a health condition, I can’t climb mountains, so I chose to Hike the Scottish Highlands in 2015. My cancer hero is my neice, Stéphanie, It is in her memory that I am doing this. At the age of 17, Stéphanie got a bruise during a soccer game that just wouldn’t go away. She was diagnosed with leukemia. It was a total shock to me. You don’t think of cancer at that age. It’s so hard to watch a child pass away. She fought for three years – every day, to the very last day. She is my hero, especially since my own daughter is the same age."