World Cancer Day 2017


February 4, 2017

Today we mark World Cancer Day - a day devoted to cancer prevention, detection and treatment.

It is also the perfect occasion to thank you for your support and generosity. Everyone makes a difference: you, as donors, partners, researchers, and volunteers! Thank you for your consistent support and dedication to the cause that helps us finance some of the most promising cancer research projects in the country.

Despite all our efforts, cancer is still the leading cause of death worldwide. This is why, your support is essential!

Join us in the fight against cancer and support the Cancer Research Society:
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  Currently, a very caring friend and partner of the Cancer Research Society, Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix – promises to triple the contributions from our donors up to $55,000. This means that every dollar YOU send to the Cancer Research Society will be tripled!


About the Cancer Research Society

Founded in 1945, the Cancer Research Society is a national not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to fund research on all types of cancer, thereby contributing to the advancement of science aimed at preventing, detecting, and treating this disease. The Society primarily supports basic research, which has resulted in several innovative discoveries. It also finances projects in environment-cancer, a field in which the Society is considered to have played a pioneering role in Canada. In addition, through its Next Generation of Scientists program, the Society provides young researchers with the opportunity to pursue their careers in Canada. This unique and innovative funding initiative serves to prevent an exodus of our best scientific minds.

For more information or for interview requests, contact:
Carolyne Lord
Communications and Marketing Director
Cancer Research Society
514-861-9227, ext. 270