Michel Tremblay Honored by the
Royal Society of Canada

September 20, 2017

M. Michel L. TremblayOur Congratulations to the Chair of our Scientific Advisory Committee

The Cancer Research Society applauds the recent award given by the Royal Society of Canada to Michel Tremblay, Chair of its Scientific Advisory Committee. The prestigious McLaughlin Medal recognizes important research of sustained excellence in medical science in Canada. Michel Tremblay is acclaimed for his pioneering work on the role and function of tyrosine phosphatases in the development of cancer. 

Recently, Michel Tremblay was appointed Chair of the Cancer Research Society’s Scientific Advisory Committee which oversees the Society’s grant awarding process and ensures a high standard of excellence among all decisions regarding scientific affairs. 

Michel Tremblay is a Professor at the Department of Biochemistry at McGill University and the Goodman Cancer Centre. 
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