Website Use Policy

The Cancer Research Society (the Society) thanks you for visiting its website, or any other site operated by the Society, and also thanks you for consulting its policies and those related to information published by third parties. The Society reserves the right to modify its policies at any time, without notice. Moreover, the Society is committed to maintaining and to post its up to date policies on its website.

Privacy Policy

The Society intends to protect the privacy of all its website users and to maintain the integrity of all information identifying a person received and disclosed on its website. We invite you to consult our Privacy Policy for all the details regarding our commitment to respect your privacy and your personal information.

A - Editorial Policy

Since its foundation in 1945, the Society aims to provide the most accurate and clear information on cancer research.

Editorial Independence

The Society is committed to maintain a total independence regarding the editorial content of its website. The revenue from donors and partners is strictly reserved for financing research activities. The donors and partners have no influence on the content of the website.

Content development

The process of developing content for the Cancer and Research section is entrusted to an editor specialized in cancer who is a member of the scientific community.

The Society also calls upon different committees to verify the accuracy and reliability of content:
Medical Expert Committee:  This committee is formed of Canadian experts of the medical fieldall specialized in oncology.
Scientific Advisory Committee: This committee is formed of experts in cancer research or in oncology.

Internal experts and revisers validate and approve all final content.

Process for drafting content

The Society develops content based on the interest for a certain subject or because of new developments that have an impact on the current practice. Scientific discoveries may also generate content.

Assessment of scientific data

Our information is generally based on scientific studies so as to provide the best information possible.


Our information pages on cancer and the research on this illness are periodically verified. In the event of changes in scientific data, the pages are updated as soon as possible.

Corrections and improvements

The Society keeps a record of all comments received and takes them into account when revising content. All changes that could improve the accuracy or clarity of the texts are made as soon as possible.

*We remind you that the information on the website is subject to change without notification.

B- Medical Disclaimer Policy

The information contained on the Society’s website is provided for informational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. The use of the Society’s website is purely discretionary and in no way implies the liability of the Society. It does not replace a consultation with your doctor.

Although the Society does its utmost to ensure that the information provided is accurate and reliable, the Society cannot guarantee its exhaustiveness nor the total absence of error.

The Society assumes no responsibility or liability regarding the quality of the information or of the services offered by other organizations mentioned on, nor does the Society support a specific service, product, treatment or therapy.

C- User Content Policy (content produced by a third party)

The website integrates or may integrate functions allowing a visitor to publish user content, interact with other users, for example by blogging, and to download documents and other data medium. When a visitor uses any of these functions on the website, it entails that he/she agrees to comply with the following obligations conditioning his/her right to use said website and the functions available to him. The visitor thereby agrees to:

  • Use the website and any forum of the Society in accordance with applicable laws.
  • Publish user content containing only accurate information.
  • Not publish or forward illegal, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent information.
  • Not publish or forward any type of user content that associates or tends to associate the Society with products, trademarks, names or businesses linked to products that may damage the Society’s reputation.
  • Not delete or edit user content
  • Not use the website or its forums for commercial purposes

The Society may analyze the user content before publishing it or may refuse to publish any user content on its website. The Society reserves the right at its sole discretion to edit or remove any user content.

Even if the Society may from time to time monitor or analyze user content, such monitoring or analyzing isn’t the Society’s obligation and the Society is not responsible or liable for any user content published. The user content reflects the points of view and opinions of the person or persons who publish it and not those of the Society or its directors or officers.


Unless otherwise specified, all information on the site including and without limitation texts, graphic elements, communications, publications, data, logos, icons, audio or video clips, and trademarks that belong to the Cancer Research Society are protected by copyright. This information is reserved for personal use.

Except as set out below, the information on the site cannot be copied, reproduced, forwarded, posted, broadcasted, sub-licensed, modified, stored for future use or otherwise used in whole or in part without the written consent from the Cancer Research Society.

  • Users may make temporary copies on only one computer’s random access memory or in its buffer, for purposes of surfing on the website and may print one permanent copy of each website pages for personal non-commercial use.
  • It is permitted to copy or reproduce extracts form this site without authorization so as to print them for educational non-commercial purposes. The user must mention the source of the quote or of the excerpt by including the full name of the Cancer Research Society, the title and the URL address of the web page, as well as the date on which the information was taken.


Cancer Research Society, the Society’s logo, “Help our researchers find a cure!” Research and cancer fund, the Research and cancer fund’s logo, CRS Challenge, CRS Challenge’s logo, and the other trademarks are registered trademarks of the Cancer Research Society.

D - Hyperlink Policy

Links to

The Cancer Research Society encourages and allows other website to include a hyperlink to its website provided the following conditions are met:

  • All hyperlinks in the form of text must be clearly identified by the name of “Cancer Research Society”. The Cancer Research Society’s logo cannot be used as a hyperlink without the prior express authorization of the Cancer Research Society
  • The hyperlink must open a page of the site in a browser’s window. (In other words, the content of the page cannot be embedded in the hosting site).
  • The overall look and layout and any other aspect of the hyperlink or of the hosting site can in no way damage the good reputation associated with the name and trademarks of the Cancer Research Society.

The Cancer Research Society accepts no responsibility or liability for the information or material on the hosting site. Hyperlinks to are used only for convenience or reference purposes, and do not mean in any way that the Cancer Research Society endorses the organization or the person operating the hosting site or its content.

If you wish to create a hyperlink between your website and ours, please contact us by email at:

Hyperlinks to other websites from the

The Cancer Research Society’s website offers links towards other websites. Please note that:

  • The Society is not responsible or liable for the content of an external site or for said site’s hyperlinks, any more than for its changes or updates.
  • The fact of offering a hyperlink towards a website does not mean that the Society endorses said site or the information or services it provides.
  • We cannot guarantee confidentiality or security of personal information that you transfer to other websites.

Before creating a hyperlink to an external site, the Cancer Research Society uses the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the mission of the Cancer Research Society
  • Complementarity or addition to information provided by the website
  • Distribution of credible, accurate, current, and scientifically based information.
  • Use of appropriate methods for the revision and update of content.
  • Emphasis on informative or educational content, and not on promoting a specific product or service.
  • Application of appropriate policies regarding links to other sites and confidentiality of personal information of users.

* Please note that said criteria may change at all time and without notice to remain compliant with the Cancer Research Society’s policies.

Sites towards which we propose hyperlinks are re-evaluated once a year or as needed. We make every effort to keep these hyperlinks updated. If you notice a problem with a hyperlink please let us know at

E - Policy on the use of “Cookies”

The website gathers some information about visits to its website through the use of cookies. Cookies allow a website to put information on its user’s computer so the website can recognize the computer on subsequent visits. By using cookies, a website can be more convenient and user-friendly. If you wish to do so, and if your browser allows it, you may refuse cookies, but you will not be able to fully benefit from our website and its functions. To learn more about cookies and modifying your settings, see your browser's help for details.

F - Reimbursement Policy for a Credit Card Donation

All reimbursement requests for a credit card donation must be made by email (, by regular mail (402-625, President-Kennedy Avenue, Montreal, QC, H3A 3S5) or by phone at (1 866 343-2262) within 30 days following the donation. The donor must specify the reason for the reimbursement and must provide the following information:

  • Credit card number/li>
  • Amount of the donation
  • Date of the donation
  • Tax receipt

Before reimbursement, verification will be made in the Society’s database and with the donation processing provider for credit card donations. After the verification and within reasonable time (less than 10 business days), the Society will l communicate with the donor to inform him/her of the results of the verification and, when appropriate, the date of reimbursement. Please note that the reimbursement will only be made on the credit card used to make the donation. Thereafter, the Society will modify its records to cancel issuance of a charity receipt for said donation and will advise the Canada Revenue Agency.

To contact the Society

For any comments or questions regarding these policies or the usage of the website, please contact the Cancer Research Society by email at or by mail at: 402-625, President-Kennedy Avenue, Montréal, QC, H3A 3S5. The Society will follow up in writing as soon as possible.